A Nice Indian Boy

0% | 21. 09. 2023 | Romance

‘A Nice Indian Boy’ is a contemporary tale about Indian marriage in the 21st century. The protagonist, Naveen Gavaskar (Karan Soni) is aware of his parents' expectations of him and his sister. They want them to profoundly respect their Hindi background, uphold all Hindi traditions, and, most significantly, exult in strictly Hindi marital ceremonies. This proves to be much more difficult for Naveen, who is openly gay in a culture where being gay can be tough. His parents want him to have a traditional Hindi wedding, but he worries he will never live up to their expectations. Naveen meets a white male, Jay (Jonathan Groff), whom he is attracted to and begins a relationship with. Despite his fear of introducing Jay to his parents, Naveen ultimately expresses his love for him and proposes in a dramatic fashion. The story is about changing traditional norms, having acceptance of who you are, and pursuing a life of happiness.

Featured Crew

Daniel Bekerman
Tory Metzger